1 Intelligence

Find the right place for your idea

Make bullseye decisions and access insightful urban intelligence.
From defining a strategy to identifying the best locations.

  • Key Location Factors Definition
  • Best Location Analysis (given Use)
  • Best Use Analysis (given Location)
  • Sales Estimate Analysis
  • Intelligence Data Collection
  • Extensive Location Scouting

2 Acquisitions

Make that place yours

Negotiation Power comes from having experience and options.
To secure the best places, you need a team of experts.

  • Multiple Location Negotiation
  • Negotiation Management Tools
  • Technical & Legal Due Diligences
  • Location Issue Resolving
  • Acquisition & Lease Agreements

3 Investment

Raise the investment you need

The right idea at the right place makes a great investment.
Great investments deserve the right investor.

  • Investment & Risk Analysis
  • Fund Raising
  • Asset Management
  • Financial & Tax Structuring

4 Design

Drafting ideas into place

A multidisciplinary architecture, engineering and UI/UX team to design suitable, added value and exciting places for living beings.

  • Place Planning (Place Thinking)
  • Concept Development Idea Tank
  • Architecture Designs
  • Engineering Designs
  • Location Technical Validations
  • Licensing Design & Approval

5 Production

Build your idea to scale

We brought an industrialised approach to place construction.
Through starting production planning from early design stages, we achieve a better, leaner, and more predictable production process.

  • Production Management
  • Tender Management
  • Design Integration
  • Permanent Inspection

6 Activation

Give life to your place

The ultimate real estate value comes from making your place alive with neighbourhood scale thinking.
Developing strategies for concept, branding, social activities and community magnetising is our speciality.

  • Concept Development
  • Place Marketing & Activation
  • Tenant Management & Strategy
  • Neighbourhood Activation
  • Place Operations
  • Maintenance & Renovation

Open Platform

We develop as a service.
Client or Partner, take your project to the next level.