A New Professional

To think, design and develop our cities.

We always looked at the industry and found it too fragmented. Every stakeholder involved coming from a different company, with a lot of collaboration challenges. It was impossible for a project to be developed as a much higher valued product, as one single piece, from top to bottom, from placing an idea to making it a place.

More and more we convinced ourselves this was not the way to develop our cities. We needed a new professional. So we created one. We created the Placer.


An Integrated Approach

Every project must be conceived as a whole.

All of our core design & development teams are in-house, literally doing their job on the same open space in a highly dynamic and multi-disciplinary environment.

With all these teams used to working close to each other, truly belonging to the same team, we create room for disruptive improvements and a much more effective and leaner process.


An Open Platform

We develop as a service.

We develop for professionals. We develop for and with occupiers, real estate developers, investors, brokers and signature architects.

We see ourselves as a complement and the back-bone every project needs to take a leap towards innovative and high valued design & development.


A Method

Keeping us effective, consistent and innovative.

From the very roots of Placer, building a method was paramount. We’ve focused on highly advanced management practices, dynamic personal development programs and above all on breakthrough place development models.

To ensure we keep leading in the future, a great part of our philosophy is on constantly improving the method itself.


A Culture

Ideas taking place.

We live and breathe a culture of research, creativity and experimentation around Rooms, Buildings, Cities, Landscapes and our Planet. All this on a working environment that nurtures an eager to create and breakthrough.

Placer was created for highly capable professionals that fulfil their ambition through providing the greatest of all experiences on space living. We want to be the home of the industry’s experts.


Expansion Company

Finding room to grow.

All places are unique, but the greatest of all should reach and benefit as many people as possible across the globe. We have built a special service dedicated to multiplying these places. For Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality and even Infra-structure. It is our most commercial work and it serves a great purpose. Finding room to grow.


Placer App

Anyone can become a Placer.

Every professional has a its own tool. This is ours. Built for great place design and development. It provides and processes insightful data for better “placing and idea” but it also is the most exciting way for our clients and partners to manage and follow their project. With our Placer App, anyone can become a Placer.