Place Principles


Ideas taking (the right) place.

  • Inclusive Places

    Places with a common urban planning strategy with their surroundings

  • Thriving Places

    Demand driven places that people actually live, use and love.

  • Positive Places

    Places with a positive impact on the community and its quality of life


Places with real value.

  • Real Value

    Purposeful places for a real market make real value

  • Improving Value

    Improving value through consolidation, differentiation and neighbourhood scale intervention

  • Lasting Value

    Places built to last with versatile use and self-sustainable renovations


Our Planet is the most amazing place ever created.
Taking care of it is a Placer's job.

  • Environmental Balance

    Self-sustainable places, both on resource autonomy and renewable & recycled materials.

  • Natural Integration

    We believe all places should coexist, preserve and potentiate the natural environment of our planet.


Think Places. Think Purpose. Think Experience.
We call it Place Thinking.

  • Place Planning & Program

    We’ve made program and function planning a major design phase.

  • Experience Oriented Design

    Human experience is changing and intensifying, architecture & engineering must follow.

  • Interface Design

    We’re taking our approach to the detail. Interface must take a greater role on place design.

  • Living Places

    Places that adapt and connect for a greater experience and lifespan.


“There’s a way to do it better - Find it.”
— Thomas Edison

  • Budget Oriented

    Designing and developing for a budget is one of the things that makes a great placer.

  • Smart Production

    A lean and extremely prepared process makes predictable, cheaper and better projects.

  • Multidisciplinary Design

    A great solution must have a broad range of perspectives into account.

  • Extended Longevity

    Places designed for a full life cycle. Lasting solutions easy to maintain, renovate and change.

  • Purposeful

    The more grounded a solution is, the better it serves its purpose.


Every new place is an opportunity to inspire.

  • Authenticity

    A truthful, coherent and unique identity that touches its user

  • (in)Tangible Value

    Art, Culture and Identity take a place to limitless value

  • Authorship

    We believe that identity is very personal. For every place we design, we partner with a worthy Author


Placer Principles


Only a Humane team can create Humane places.

  • Respect

  • Team Spirit

  • Honesty

  • Work/Life Balance


The Best Places take The Best Placers.

  • High Performance & Standards

  • Disruptive Thinking

  • Meritocracy


More than a job, more than a professional, it's a mission.

  • Passion & Drive

  • Availability

  • Responsibility


A Placer is not an employee. A Placer is an Associate.

  • Autonomy

  • Personal Development

  • Compensation